72" Bow of the Galadhrim

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Among the best bows of Middle Earth, the elves of Lorien could shoot great distances with these bows. Before the Fellowship left the company of the Lady Galadriel, She had gifted Legolas this bow, which was longer and stouter than his bow of the Mirkwood, and a quiver of arrows. 

Unlike so many replicas, this is fully functional made from solid hickory and meticulously sculpted to perfection that only the elves could achieve. Every bow comes with a string, stringer, and a care sheet. We also recommend a bowsock to protect your investment!

72" tip to tip

Note* This bow is a popular item and as such our lead time has been increased slightly, and our backlog of orders on it can vary, putting delivery time further out. please contact with any questions before purchase to get a more current and accurate time frame.